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Many women have written that finding the feminine divine has transformed their lives. Best-selling author Tim Ward (Arousing the Goddess, What the Buddha Never Taught) is perhaps the first modern man to deeply investigate the question: What does the Goddess have to offer men?

"I believe we men have a fundamental need to connect with women, which for most of us remains profoundly thwarted," writes Ward. "Perhaps this began when we turned our back on the goddess in ancient times."

IN HIS QUEST FOR ANSWERS, Ward journeys to the ruined temples and shrines of the goddess in the cradles of Western Civilization. He meets her face to face in her many forms: at the Delphic Oracle as Gaia—Mother Earth; in Romania as the maiden Pandora; and on a remote Anatolian hilltop, as Hecate, crone-queen of the witches.

WARD VIVIDLY RECREATES THE EXPERIENCES OF ANCIENT BELIEVERS: Initiations into the Eleusinian Mysteries, sexual rites of the priestesses of Aphrodite, a human sacrifice on a mountaintop shrine in Crete. In Malta Ward enters the womb of the Goddess—massive, rounded stone temples a thousand years older than the pyramids. And in Turkey he sits at the feet of Artemis of Ephesus (above), whose rioting followers threatened to kill the Apostle Paul.

"THE ROOM IS DIM," Ward writes. "Soft lights play upon the idol’s curves. Rows of breasts hang from her chest like clusters of grapes...It is the thing we were born to ache for, to latch, suck, and gulp, the most primal human instinct next to drawing our first breath. She offers a kind of giving we no longer understand, and what is my life but a craving for this, and the belief it no longer exists?"

FACING THE GODDESS unleashes turbulent and painful emotions for Ward. With frank honesty he describes the traumas and changes in his relationship with the woman he loves who accompanied him on many of his journeys: "Together we stripped off each other’s armor, then stripped naked, then down to the bone. Dreams, fantasies, the peculiar urges of sex that can reveal so much—it was all folded into the search."

ESSENTIAL READING for everyone seeking a better understanding of the Goddess, both spiritually, historically, and psychologically, The Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess is the personal, intimate, and sometimes humous tale of one man’s search for the face of the feminine divine.